It’s Great 2B Me!

Do you ever ask yourself: “Why do I do that?”

Do you wonder who you are ?

Have you ever wondered what career options you should explore?

Do you want to build better relationship habits?

Do you want to build up your self esteem?

Would you like to set goals and change your life for
the better?

Then this 6-week Program is for you!

In completing the program GREAT 2B ME, you will: Identify or define your unique personal talents, understand your personality preferences, as well as learn to set goals and boundaries. This program is all about you! In understanding what makes you unique and special, you will build your self-esteem, learn to love who you are and what you bring to this world. Alongside Life Coach Katherine, you will divulge into your personal strengths, develop skills that can help you to continue to recognize your uniqueness, and learn about yourself in a safe, caring, and non-judgmental environment.

If you are interested in this program, click on our “FORMS” menu, fill out the application, and e-mail it to Katherine at:
Alternatively, give us a call at: 250-763-7892