Welcome To Reach Out


We are still operating, and available for counselling sessions through interactive services such as tele-phone counselling, and video chat.  We can be reached at the office line, please leave a message if we don’t answer and someone will get back to you within business hours. E-mail has been a great resource for connection, please e-mail: kathhollin@gmail.com if you have any questions about the interactive counselling services we are providing.  We are here for you, the youth in this community, the families, and young adults who are still in need. 


Reach Out has been a registered charity since 1984 delivering counselling programs to youth and families since 1992.

Thousands of youth have made their way to Reach Out looking for guidance, direction and counsel.

We are a safe place where youth will be accepted in a non-judgmental and confidential setting.

We offer clinical counselling services starting at $45 and slide on a scale depending on financial need

We offer free services in our REACH program

We offer life coaching through our Great 2B Me Program

Why We’re Different

We do not limit session numbers

You will see the same counsellor each time you come in

All our counsellors have their Master’s level education

All of our counselling services qualify for fee scale